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Scaling at the Speed of Skills 

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The business landscape is changing faster than ever before. Faced with a pandemic, great resignation, great rehiring, and workforce transformations, organizations are rapidly recognizing that to outperform the market, they need real-time, granular insights on the skills of their workforce and workforce at large. Simply understanding the degree of skill match for an employee or candidate to a role is no longer enough. 

Join guest speaker Forrester’s Principal Analyst, Betsy Summers, for this eye-opening webinar. Ms. Summers specializes on the Future of Work and will address the “why,” “how,” and “now what?” of evolving from job-based to skill-based. 

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Why do old-school competency models no longer work? 

Why is it imperative to know the granular skills of your workforce, your competitors, and the labor market at large to remain agile? 

Why is skills intelligence so crucial in emerging use cases? 


How do skills technologies work, and what’s on the frontier? 

How does AI play a role in unbiased DEI workforce planning? 

How do current solutions differ, and what should I be mindful of? 

Now What?

What are the best practices in rolling out a skills intelligence solution? 

How should I manage a “single source of truth” in our ecosystem? 

How can we measure and validate that we’re doing the right thing? 

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