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Lessons from real-world skills transformations

In this webinar, learn from those who have real-world, on-the-ground experience with skills transformations. 

Alison Lands, Head of Strategy at SkyHive, discusses the current state of skills-based practice today and overcoming obstacles in becoming a skills-based organization – from mindset to practices.   

Julie Moore, Talent & Development Manager at Gainwell, shares her experience leading skills transformation at Gainwell and how skill insights are used to inform its strategy and employee development.  

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About SkyHive

SkyHive is a Certified B Corporation that uses ethical artificial intelligence to drive global reskilling initiatives and create a more inclusive labor economy. Our products are designed to rapidly reskill people and help organizations and communities prepare for the future of work.

SkyHive was named one of the “Next Big Technologies Working for Social Good in 2023” by Fast Company, and a World Economic Forum Global Innovator.  

Leading enterprises and innovative government organizations use SkyHive’s cloud-based applications, Human Capital Operating System™, and SkyHive’s Quantum Labor Analysis® to power the future of work at its most granular level: skills. In addition, SkyHive has been recognized by the World Economic Forum, GPAI, RAII, and others for leading efforts in ethical AI and its positive impact on labor economies worldwide.

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