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Ethical AI with Mohan Reddy

Register for our webinar to learn about the changing landscape of Ethical AI for HR leaders, and how transparency and explainability are increasingly important. Get your questions answered by Mohan Reddy, Co-Founder and CTO at SkyHive.

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SkyHive's Commitment to Ethical AI

SkyHive®, the first company to map and sequence the global labor market in real-time, provide workforce intelligence, and guide the rapid reskilling of workers and communities around the world, has joined the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute (RAII), an independent non-profit organization creating governance standards and certifications for AI systems and scalable solutions for practitioners. Learn more here. SkyHive is also a member of GPAI (Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence) and we've introduced the world's first "MIDAS" program for Ethical AI policies and controls. 

About SkyHive

SkyHive is a Certified B Corporation and software provider of global workforce intelligence technology, optimizing labor market efficiencies in real-time for companies, communities, and national economies. Leading enterprises use SkyHive’s cloud-based applications and platforms to power the future of work at its most granular level: skills. SkyHive’s Quantum Labor Analysis® has been recognized by the World Economic Forum and Forbes for leading efforts in ethical AI and its positive impact on labor economies worldwide. For more information, visit